Oh, to be recognized by “Panhandle slim!”

What does Wanda Lloyd have in common with the following people?

Dolly Parton, Malcolm X, President Barak Obama, Prince, Jesus, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Oscar the Grouch.

Like the names above, as of today Wanda Lloyd is the subject of a painting by Panhandle Slim, a local artist in Savannah whose works appear in museums, on storefronts, on fences and in public buildings. A few are probably inside the homes of some of the area’s top leaders and celebrities.

What. An. Honor!

Panhandle Slim, whose government name is Scott Stanton, doesn’t just feature famous people. He looks for quotes that touch his heart and then he paints them. This one showed up today in social media.

What. An. Honor. The quote, “To respond to the question,’Why study Black History,’ the answer is clear. Black history is American history,” comes from my column about Black history that was published in our local Savannah Morning News.

I have been to a lot of places in the world, met a lot of special and important people. This is right up there with the best of my life experiences.

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