Tribute to a young journalist, Maya Jackson Randall

Maya J. Randall


It is always sad when a young person loses a battle with life. I am particularly saddened at the news that my friend, Harold Jackson recently lost his daughter, Maya. to a rare form of leukemia. Maya was a colleague —  a consumer finance reporter at the Wall Street Journal.

I am saddened because Harold has been a lifelong friend. We met as high school students at the Southern Regional Press Institute at Savannah State University. We both pursued media careers. Harold surpassed me in education, having earned a Ph.D. in communications. He runs his own international PR/marketing firm in Atlanta.

I am saddened because Maya is just three years older than my own daughter, Shelby. Even though I’ve known Maya’s father all these years, Shelby and I met Maya for the first time about a year ago when Maya and I both were speakers at the still-strong Press Institute in Savannah. My friend Harold introduced me as the keynote speaker that day.

I am saddened because, in addition to her husband, Jeremy, Maya leaves behind a son who will not grow up with his mother’s loving care.

I am saddened because the voice of one of the nation’s best reporters has been silenced. (Read about Maya’s award-winning work in tributes below.)

Maya’s friends have set up a fund to fight cancer in her honor.

Here are links to notes about Maya. Blessings to the Jackson and Randall families.

Tributes to Maya 

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Author of the memoir "Coming Full Circle: From Jim Crow to Journalism" (February 2020). Available for book talks and signings, speaking -- especially for Black History and Women's History months.

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