Justice, redemption: My letter to the editor

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 11.55.49 AMAfter all the years of being “the editor” of a local newspaper, it is a thrill to have one of my letters published by my local newspaper, the Savannah Morning News. Here’s the link.




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4 thoughts on “Justice, redemption: My letter to the editor

  1. I wish there were more such letters about issues impacting race: past and present in my hometown paper particularly by African Americans who live in the papers’ coverage area. I was particularly shock not to read too many letters decrying decisions to merge Armstrong/Georgia Southern; and now, possible merger of all Georgia’s State HBCUs, including SSU. Good read Wanda.


  2. Wanda,

    Thanks for sharing your Letter to the Editor. I’m especially appreciative that you linked to Ms. Fishman’s article. I have been following Bryan Stevenson’s for awhile. In fact, our book club read Just Mercy last year (Jackie, Sandra and I are in the same club). And Jackie, Peter and I were fortunate enough to see Bryan Stevenson speak at the National Black Catholic Congress in Orlando a couple of years ago. He is a powerful voice, and I hope at some point to travel to Montgomery to visit the museum. (Did you see his HBO special a couple of weeks ago?)

    You and Ms. Fishman paint a stark picture of what the museum is all about, and what to expect when visiting it. I’m thinking it may be even more emotionally jarring than the experience of visiting the “slave ship” replica at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, because the atrocities occurred during the lifetime of some who are still alive today. Of course that era is presented at the Museum in D.C., but I think the intense focus of the Montgomery museum will be a different experience.

    I’ll share your op-ed with others I know who are interested in preserving a shameful chapter that would be lost if we didn’t pass it on. (I’ve recently heard people who are not only saying the Holocaust didn’t happen, but that slavery didn’t happen either, and I’m sure they’d like to sweep the history of lynching away too.)

    Thanks again,

    Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Love to All,



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