The colors of “Amazing Georgia”

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 10.19.41 PMAs I work at slowing my pace in retirement years, one of my passions now is coloring. No, not with crayons like I did as a child, but with pencils or gel pens. The whole new trend of adults turning back to coloring is something many people in my Boomer generation may want to try as a way of restful calming on hectic days or addressing the creative spirit in our lives.

“Creative,” you ask? “Aren’t the pictures already drawn?” Of course they are, but it is still creative to pick out the colors and, hopefully, color within the lines.

When I left my last full-time professional role, the team at Savannah State University gave me a basket full of coloring books and pencils. I have now colored all of those books and I have purchased several more.

When I read about the publication of “Amazing Georgia: A Coloring Book Journey Through Our 159 Counties,” I immediately recognized it as a coloring book that might be appealing to adults and children. Fortunately, the Savannah Morning News published the feature story I offered them with my reflections of “Amazing Georgia.”

Here’s a link to my feature story.


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2 thoughts on “The colors of “Amazing Georgia”

  1. Thanks Wanda. A friend gave me a couple of adult coloring books and gel pens, for Christmas a couple of years ago. Before that I didn’t know this was becoming a “thing”. I’m not sure where I put the books, but we had an addition built on the house this summer, and are now getting rid of some things around here. If I come across them, I just might try it. Might be fun! Thanks again for sharing the article.

    Take care, Ronnie

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